Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweater Weather

September 18. 2013
                                              long, cropped, fuzzy, wool, knit and warm!
what am I talking about?! sweaters of course! the days are getting shorter and the weather much cooler but what is there to keep us warm besides hot chocolate?! Sweaters! I love love love sweater weather! I have an entire drawer full of sweaters waiting to be worn, I get so excited when I can finally put that drawer to use each year ! I have few cropped sweaters as I feel they are much better worn oversized and long! I adore when they are long enough to wear with leggings and a trusty pair of riding boots. I honestly believe that that is the classic look for fall that I always gravitate towards for sure! for instance here are some prime examples:

  This particular style is impeccable and exactly what I was talking about, see ladies? that's how its done ! But you don't always have to do that type of look ! In fact there are a couple other ways to style sweaters , like so :

The left photo is such an adorable and chic way to class up a sweater/ legging look and although I'm very against bright colors in the fall I've got to say that the left option is pretty cute and a great alternative for anyone who doesn't want to follow the rules! total BA;)
But if you want to follow the color rule but still want to spice up the look go ahead and have some fun with printed leggings! I mean, how cute!? a perfect mix between wild yet tame lol !
xoxo Kali Pawless

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