Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hot Buns

septemeber 16, 2013

In recent months the "bun" has become quite the fad. Everyones wearing them from everyday people to high fashion models and celebs. if you search youtube for the "perfect bun" tutorial youll find thousands upon thousands of videos ! why has this hairstyle become so popular? well, its a classic look, hair out of the face with a clean looking but still very pretty hair style. the bun, as shown above has been slicked back complimenting the models features perfectly.
now, say you want to spice up the "bun look" a tad, try something like this-

All you have to do is fish tail your hair starting at the nape of your neck and follow it up into a high ponytail then sock bun it down and wah-lah! 
many celebs have been spotted rocking this updo!

lookin good
 So try it! It's so so simple and worth the try cause you'll look super amazing I promise!

 messy, slicked, perfect, up, down these buns are sweeping the nation being worn by almost everyone, even i myself have rocked "the bun" a time or two .
have a BUNtastic day .
Kali Pawless xoxo

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