Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweater Weather

September 18. 2013
                                              long, cropped, fuzzy, wool, knit and warm!
what am I talking about?! sweaters of course! the days are getting shorter and the weather much cooler but what is there to keep us warm besides hot chocolate?! Sweaters! I love love love sweater weather! I have an entire drawer full of sweaters waiting to be worn, I get so excited when I can finally put that drawer to use each year ! I have few cropped sweaters as I feel they are much better worn oversized and long! I adore when they are long enough to wear with leggings and a trusty pair of riding boots. I honestly believe that that is the classic look for fall that I always gravitate towards for sure! for instance here are some prime examples:

  This particular style is impeccable and exactly what I was talking about, see ladies? that's how its done ! But you don't always have to do that type of look ! In fact there are a couple other ways to style sweaters , like so :

The left photo is such an adorable and chic way to class up a sweater/ legging look and although I'm very against bright colors in the fall I've got to say that the left option is pretty cute and a great alternative for anyone who doesn't want to follow the rules! total BA;)
But if you want to follow the color rule but still want to spice up the look go ahead and have some fun with printed leggings! I mean, how cute!? a perfect mix between wild yet tame lol !
xoxo Kali Pawless

A Nail of a Good Time !

September 18, 2013
Nails can say so much!!
what kind of colors you like or what type of person you are!
Painting your nails is a great way to spice up a look or to pull together an outfit, but you must know that there are certain colors for every season that are key.
In the summer people are more likely to wear bright colors such as neon yellows, pinks, blues and oranges or more glitter.
In the spring you'll find people gravitate more towards pastels like greens yellows or purples.
But in the fall and winter (my personal fav seasons) we get to go bold & daring with a good ole classic ox blood or deep plum. As I am typing this I am wearing Essie's wicked on my nails, its a lovely deep reddish purple that makes me feel bold yet cozy

             Lady Godiva                                         Wicked           The devils advocate 
Midnight Cami                           Fall Boy blazer                       Stylenomics
    Carry On                                                                                Bahama Mama

 Lacy Not Racy
So.. why is it so important to wear the right colors for each season? and believe me it is . well, because like I said earlier it helps to complete an outfit, research shows that more people tend to wear darker more rustic or deep colors during the winter a fall months so why would you wear a burgundy sweater with bright yellow or blue nails? you wouldn't. it is important so that you don't look like an uncoordinated mess. honestly though anyone who doesn't really care much for fashion (outrageous) probably wouldn't notice much less care. but if you don't want to have to paint your nails a different color for each outfit go with something neutral like a beige or taupe that way you don't don't have to change your nails so often, but what fun is that ? ;) none! And if you feel that these colors are just ever so boring feel free to add a sparkly or patterned accent nail (ring finger) to spice up the look ! so, have fun playing with these colors this coming season!
Kali Pawless xoxo 

Hot Buns

septemeber 16, 2013

In recent months the "bun" has become quite the fad. Everyones wearing them from everyday people to high fashion models and celebs. if you search youtube for the "perfect bun" tutorial youll find thousands upon thousands of videos ! why has this hairstyle become so popular? well, its a classic look, hair out of the face with a clean looking but still very pretty hair style. the bun, as shown above has been slicked back complimenting the models features perfectly.
now, say you want to spice up the "bun look" a tad, try something like this-

All you have to do is fish tail your hair starting at the nape of your neck and follow it up into a high ponytail then sock bun it down and wah-lah! 
many celebs have been spotted rocking this updo!

lookin good
 So try it! It's so so simple and worth the try cause you'll look super amazing I promise!

 messy, slicked, perfect, up, down these buns are sweeping the nation being worn by almost everyone, even i myself have rocked "the bun" a time or two .
have a BUNtastic day .
Kali Pawless xoxo

Monday, September 16, 2013

falling into fall

september 13, 2013

 fall is a time when the days get cooler, the trees turn color and everyone gets their sweaters out of storage. thanksgiving is coming and Christmas is just around the corner. I find that everyone around me seems nicer and happier during these times sharing their warmth when its cold outside. but what should you wear during this season? right now riding boots are on trend, as they were last year, riding boots are such a timeless classic piece that look great with an oversized sweater and leggings .

Riding boots come its tons of different styles and colors and range from many prices and here are some cute pairs for the fall season. two pairs more on the pricier side are:
Lauren by Ralph Lauren vachetta twotone riding boot $249.00

Tory Burch Almond upper emblem riding boots $325.00

but what if you're not willing
to spend upwards 200$ ? well here are some more affordable options: priced low to high-


merona karrie tall boots-black twotone $39.99
Merona Kimberly riding boots-black $39.99


Karen scott Donelly tall boots- brown $79:99 

nine west sookie riding boots - caramel $169.00

So now that you know which options are available for your own pair of riding boots go out and get a pair a begin in the fall trend that is sweeping the nation one stylish step at a time!!

Kali Pawless xoxo